V. Augmented Reality Sunday December 7, 2014

"Fourth Wall Studios' site currently features a video trailer for Cathedral, one of two mobile games the company has in development. If the trailer is any indication of gameplay, Cathedral aims to combine the RIDES platform with ELSEWARE, the company's forthcoming platform for augmented reality storytelling." ~ ARGnet.

In contrast to virtual reality in which you enter an artificially simulated environment, augmented reality enhances or even transforms real-world objects and environments.

In session 5, we'll probe the emergence of augmented reality as a tool to use in transmedia storytelling.

Images or sounds popping out of children's books are generated via augmented reality technology. With the widespread adoption of smart phones, augmented reality applications can allow a user to point the phone at a geographic landmark and discover more information. For example, if you point the phone at a mountain, you can access information about wildlife, fauna, elevation, etc.

An augmented reality application on your phone uses motion sensors, GPS and a digital compass to pinpoint where you're directing the phone.

For storytelling and gaming purposes, you can transform the ordinary real world into a story world with a phone.

See the stunning "Cathedral" trailer from Elan Lee and Jim Stewartson's Fourth Wall Studios as an example of transmedia storytelling with augmented reality."

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