II. Storyworld Design Sunday October 19, 2014

Once you understand how transmedia is defined and how it works, the next question is how to design your own format. Recall the old adage: Form follows content, not vice versa. Your story may not be well served by certain platforms, such phone calls or text messages.

In the second session, we'll roll up our sleeves and investigate different topologies or structures for multi-platform/cross-platform and interactive content, and then survey different tools to organize your story.

For example, Benjamin Hoguet, CEO of Racontr, pointed out six different types of structures, ranging from branching to nodal, for interactive stories as shown below:

Once you understand the structure that best serves your content, then you need to figure out how that content can be fragmented and extended to different platforms in an interconnecting way.

Envision creating a web-like sculpture as opposed to drawing a straight line. The tools vary according to the preferences of the creative media artist. You may only need a white board and a marker. An example of a time-based diagram as posted by Peter von Stackelberg on his Transmedia Digest blog (2011):

You have to figure out when, where and how much you'll draw the user into your story, and determine the level of engagement. It's an iterative process. If you introduce new information on one platform, it can affect the design of your story on other platforms. Below is a list of storyworld design tasks posted by von Stackelberg:



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