VI. Telepresence Sunday January 11, 2015

"To Boldly Go," a mirror poem in which two actors were on stage in London, one actor was located in another room in London and two actors were being streamed in from New York City to London - TimeWave 2013.

Every time you Skype your grandmother for a life update, you're using telepresence technology. To take it a step further in live performance, you're using a robust telepresence / videoconferencing platform to beam a remote performer into a live performance in real-time.

The performance is networked - mediated by technology - and space and time dissolve. The effect: remote and local performers interact in the same story as if they're existing in the same time and space.

In session 6, we'll investigate the use of telepresence in live performance as well as how telepresence can be leveraged in transmedia formats. In particular, when transmedia formats use live events as part of their narrative structure, telepresence and livestreamed broadcasts can become story components.

In 2013, LoNyLa produced the TimeWave festival, which used telepresence to stream in remote performers from New York City, Los Angeles, Singapore and Madrid to London.

Remote performers could be located anywhere - bedrooms, other performance spaces or even offices - as long they had a computer, webcam and Internet connection. In one piece, three actors in Los Angeles streamed in from their respective apartments to interact with London actors on stage.

Current technology integrates HD video, audio and interactive tools, which results in a powerfully immersive experience. By combining technology and production design, local and remote artists and audiences feel as if they are existing in the same time and space.

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