VII. Workshop Sunday January 25, 2015

After four months of probing different transmedia formats and technologies that are revolutionizing storytelling and performance, we're going to reserve the final session for presenting and reviewing the work that lab participants have done on their transmedia formats.

The work can be as simple as a map of a transmedia story or as complex as a story bible and blueprint for execution.

The lab is meant to provide traditional and creative media artists with time and training to acquaint themselves with the tools available to them.

We believe that too many times artists as well as technologists are thrown into the deep end without sufficient training. If you don't know what's been done or what's possible, you're walking into a more intense workshop situation, such as a hackathon, unprepared and blind.

While the Internet and technological progress move at breakneck pace, structuring and writing quality content can take years. A traditional single-media play typically takes two years from the idea to production.

We hope the lab seeds the hackathons and helps creative media artists to spread their wings, take risks, fail many times, and test the waters in a safe and nurturing environment. In other words, we're providing a slow ramp to the spring 2014 hackathons in which artists will have the chance to interface with technologists in intense two-day programmes.


About the LoNyLa Facilitators
Note: Guest speakers may be invited to pop in!

J Dakota Powell

Powell completed a masters at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU - courtesy of Red Burns, the godmother of Silicon Alley. ITP/NYU is better known as the Center for the Recently Possible. See: "New York's Secret Tech Weapon: ITP" on Forbes. Powell learned how to design websites, code in PERL, JS, CSS and SQL as well as dig her nose into virtual reality systems design and virtual worlds technology. She has also worked with 3D, sound design and video editing programs.

As the Producing Artistic Director of LoNyLa, Powell was responsible for vetting and operating the video equipment and broadcasting software for TimeWave 2013. As the former Head of Entertainment for KPE Europe, Powell was responsible for developing multiplatform - web, mobile devices and interactive TV - formats in London. Her digital work has been featured in TIME Magazine Europe.

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